Why your skin needs 8 hours of beauty sleep too

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Sleeping and the effects it has on your body, has been studied by all sorts of experts! As an esthetician, I see the side of men and women that want to look their best, and maintain a youthful & healthy appearance. Everyone is so busy with the demands of life, so when it comes to sleep, I have to keep it simple & "real". Whether its the latest neuroscience read (I read Dr. Caroline Leaf's studies quite often) on the effects of good sleep, I keep it simple. Sleep 7-9 hours a night to allow your body to heal, restore & rest. Some people can get away with sleeping 6 hours, but most need more. It's a self discipline to turn off the cell phones, TV's , distractions and get your butts in bed so you look rested. Believe it or not multiple studies have shown that sleep deprivation effects collagen in the skin,causing skin to age, and of course cause dark under eye circles. It can also cause acne. So again, to keep it simple, discipline yourself to turn off Netflix or whatever bad habit you need to avoid & get yourself plenty of rest so your SKIN can thank you! xo ~Karen

P.S I am a work in progress & working on this habit as well. I absolutely see a difference in my skin and countenance when I get at least 8 hours of Zzzzzz's. If I am unable, I do my best to use Sunday as a day to catch up on the rest I need.

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